many ideas in this collection stem from the movie "burlesque." the "own it" attitude of the main character in the movie manifests through each outfit, making the individual feel confident.

taylor wandtke | ella kalis

adiana leidich

Drawing inspiration from designs worn by older burlesque performers, the designer incorporated loops of pearls, both connecting the top to the choker as well as near the waist. with a black bustier top that ties in the back and the inclusion of knee high socks, this look is an homage to those who have performed burlesque in the past.

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this garment highlights the burlesque fashion, as it includes pink tulle, satin, and differing embellishments. the sweetheart neckline is a detail present throughout this collection, providing cohesion and interest.

A "mashup of marie antoinette & Christina Aguilera's 'But I am a good girl' costume from the movie 'burlesque,'" this look screams opulence. The handmade pearl bustier is a special piece to the designer, as the pearls on the garment were given to her by her grandmother. Each pearl was carefully attached to the bustier by hand.

this look was inspired largely from Violet Chachki and vintage burlesque from the 50's. The classic corset silhouette with black jacquard gives this look a vintage feel, but the hot pink tulle and thigh high boots give it a modern twist. The designer wants the wearer to feel bold, empowered, and glamorous.

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the pearl


the power

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the pearl is a feminine symbol, incapsulating this collection.

BURLESQUE designers


Taylor Wandtke

adiana leidich

ella kalis


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