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off duty

Overtime pregame tunnels have evolved from sweatsuits and baggy shorts to runway ready fashion and 1 of 1 pieces.  The way athletes express themselves through clothing has impacted my personal style tremendously and is subtly one of my favorite parts of professional sports.  This fashion "performance" before the lights come on and the game begins is what inspired the 'athlete off duty' collection.  

shaun barket | payton baxter

quinn scanlon | kay kuhon

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 This garment was inspired by Dennis Rodman, specifically the suit he wore for his hall of fame induction. The designer sewed a black zip jacket and embellished it with the same stone patterns that he did for his look.  in addition, the basketball purse is a tribute to his lustrous NBA career.

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OFFCOURT black bomber outfit.png
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fascination of the evolution of fashion from athletes when they were away from the game was a main point of inspiration for this design team.


This collection combines the styles of different athletes in different sports to highlight their contribution to fashion and their subtle influence on the way we dress. While many people wouldn't consider athletes fashion icons, this collection proves that they bring incredible looks to the scene and that should be celebrated.

 Having the opportunity to collaborate with other students on a collection gave this designer new ideas and a sense of solidarity & support through this unfamiliar process. Together, the collection blurs the lines between gender roles, street style and formal wear, and what it means to be a team. each outfit represents a different style and vision, just as a sports team works together while letting their individual talent shine.

for this look, the designer was inspired by the gender androgyny of what athletes wear when they're not on the field. Megan Rapinoe, Dennis Rodman, and Cam Newton all have styles that influenced the final garment. The soft pink is a color you see all of them wear often, and the silky texture adds a touch of luxury that athletes are known for. 

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Athletes 4.png
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on & off the court

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athlete off duty DESIGNERS


kay kuhon


quinn scanlon


payton baxter


shaun barket

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