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'Bloody Valentine' was inspired by the film aspect of performance. Death is uncontrollable, and with so much death happening in 2020, the designers were inspired by the idea of death on their own terms. the team took inspiration from chick flicks and horror films such as Scream Queens, Jennifer's Body, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Charlie's Angels, Jawbreaker, and Carrie. Femininity is often seen as weak, stupid, and naive. the designers want their collection to show that women are multifaceted beings that can be sweet, cute, and sexy, but also smart, cunning, and dangerous at the same time. The women wearing the 'Bloody Valentine' collection are not damsels in distress- they cause the distress!

manureet mangat | sydney smith

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Bloody Valentine 1.png
SC blood drips.png
Syd 1.png

a lil' bit of

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suga n spice


makes everythin' nice

the bloody valentine collection incorporates female empowerment, but it also shows off a mysterious darkness. this look is a representation of this darkness, with head to toe black pieces and silver chains. this look also provides the idea of structure in the collection.

Bloody Valentine 1.png

the small details in this collection are what makes it unique. the deep red color used by the designers represents fierceness and an empowering attitude. this red fabric also has a distinctive texture, adding depth to the look.

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 1.36.40 AM.png
scream queen fabric drip.png

fabric selection

red textured

satin mimics the

effect of blood

the red is femme,

but the blood

is fatal

brief garment


SC blood drips.png
Syd 1.png
BV Top.png
SC not innocent.png
SC not innocent.png
BV skirt.png
Bloody Valentine Sketches.png

femme fatale


| femm fe-tal |

(n.) a deadly woman 

1. used to mean a woman who will lead someone to ruin, even death.

Scream queens cover _scream_.png
Scream queens cover _queen_.png

bloody valentine DESIGNERS


manureet mangat


sydney smith

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