The ballet collection is inspired by the beauty each designer found in the art of ballet. they wanted to create ethereal designs that would convey the somehow flowing structure found in the dance.  'ethereal ballet' demonstrates fluidity, charm, and poise through color and form.





this look is a white two piece satin and organdy set. the garment is inspired by the theatrics of vintage ballet costumes. As you can see by the volume of the dress and its detail, it resembles a cloud, pulling from further inspiration of the designer, Likiria Matoshi.

inspired by the movement of ballerinas in images, the designer wanted to convey fluidity with loose and flowing fabrics. The design is a two piece leotard with a layered sheer skirt. the top includes sheer sleeve attachments on the wrists.


this garment was inspired by the structured freedom that comes with the art of ballet. to represent this, the designer created a free-flowing skirt with a structured top. the colors of this look were used to represent the overall ethereal theme present in the collection.

this garment was created with the similarities of the fluidity of clouds and the volume of vintage ballet costumes in mind. being both wearable in today's fashion climate and representative of true ballet stage costume, this look ties the collection together. it is made of tulle and satin, drawing inspiration from vintage ballet silhouettes.

this look was created with remembrance of the designer's own experience in the world of ballet. the pink satin is symbolic of the pink ballet shoes worn by the dancers. though this piece has many aspects that represent the classic ballet aesthetic, the designer created it with the goal of individuals to be able to wear it outside of the studio.


using a very light pink tulle, the designer took inspiration from ballet skirts. the ballet shoes worn by ballerinas also led to the use of satin ribbons as shoulder straps.


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"Ballet is like a rose. It is beautiful and you admire it, but you don't ask what it means"

-george balanchine 

ethereal ballet designers

nyah conway

allee sprague

rachel lee

cheyenne booker