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per·​for·​mance | \ pər-ˈfȯr-mən(t)s

a: the execution of an action

B: something accomplished

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look book starts here.

enjoy, friends

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the following garments are fpa designers' original creations. the videos were produced and directed by videogrAPHER tony pape [IG @TONY_PAPE] the photos were shot by visual co-director shaun barket [IG @BARKET1221] 


co-president sarah parker was the look book graphic designer [IG @SARKDESIGNS]

thank you!

A Note From Our Advisors

We are so proud of you and so indebted to you, the students in the Fashion Production Association at The Ohio State University, for your creativity, determination, and countless hours of work put forth in bringing this year’s show together. The Fashion Production Association is a student organization that works together with a practicum course to produce an annual show that highlights original student fashion designs, usually on a runway but this year in a “Look Book” online format due to the Covid pandemic. In this 29th year of our show, we are so grateful to the student designers who imagined, sketched, and created their original fashion designs and planned exciting ways to feature them on models. We are also grateful to all of the production team members who planned and carried out all of the other aspects of production including planning the lookbook, fundraising, marketing, service learning for our charity, music, video filming and still photography.


The leadership team of our co-presidents, Grace Nanni and Sarah Parker, and all of the members of our executive team provided us with strong guidance and support to get the production completed within all the university restrictions and issues living with the pandemic. Words cannot express how diligently and creatively they fulfilled their responsibilities. We, your advisors, are truly amazed and overwhelmed to witness your dedication and leadership. It was a true honor to work with you this year and to celebrate your achievements. We are so proud of you all!


fpa advisors

Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 11.47.11

Alex suer

senior lecturer


Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 11.46.53

Nancy Ann Rudd

professor emeritus


Screen Shot 2021-04-15 at 11.47.26

Wendy Goldstein

senior lecturer


0FD6ADB2-C895-43CB-9F5F-E83B22CD6DDC (1)

amanda constantine


junior advisor

& a big Thank you to our wonderful student videographer,



Tony is a graduating senior at ohio university. We thank you, tony, for making our digital look book come to life! without you, this year's show experience would not have been the same.

@tony_pape on instagram

the ohio state university's

This year animation club was directly involved with marketing meetings and collaborating with us to create and animation that portrayed this year's theme, performance. This allowed for new virtual club connections and marketing for our look book! The Animation Club discusses and studies animation techniques by watching films and shorts and practices skills in art and storytelling by doing activities and other projects. This collaboration with FPA was the first production they have worked on, but are planning to include larger projects like this in the future.

animation club

Director: Sari Applefeld

Executive Producers: Sari Applefeld, Hiba Abdouni, Maddy Riddle

Animators: Shya Crable, Son Hess, Savannah Shuai, Gabriella Stauffer, Trey Small, Brianna Sylvester, Serena Yoakum

Background Artist: Jamie Bridle

Story Board Artist and Animatic Editor: Sari Applefeld

Titles, Motion Graphics, Compositing, Editing: Maddy Riddle


on instagram

a huge thank you

to our sponsors!

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Chloe Amich

Valerie Baker

Shaun Barket

Cheyenne Booker

maddi borne

caitlyn busby

kayla bush

deirdre brady

emily brown

Rhiannon chieffo

Kiernan clegg

Nyah conway

Reganne crawford

Marissa dejulia

Addie Druckenbroad

Jayna gammon

Bergen eppers

Danny garate

Ashton griggs

Carolyn gurd

Delaney horton

Noah Jagielski

Anna johnson

Ella kalis

Michelle kerr

Riley sandlin

Quinn scanlon

laura sears

Anna slattery

Elizabeth Slywka

Kylie smith

Sydney smith

Allee Sprague

Jessica song

Isabel sweet

Carlie swider

Paige thobe

Amanda toolis

Mariel trinidad

Jiana trizzino

Teresa (Yiting) tsai

Matthew Turnquest

Sophie van dyck

Taylor wandtke

Brooke williams

Averi wolfe

Karen xu

Sylvia yao

Cindy (Xinran) zhang

Samantha ketter

Madison knight

Hannah kramer

Amanda kuenzli

Kay kuhon

Carissa kussmaul

Adriana Leidich

Taylor lucas

Rachel lee

Manureet mangat

Sarah marton

Shreya mishra

Kelsey Nadolson

Grace nanni

Jordan neifert

Stefan newman

Kristen orton

Heather parker

Sarah parker

Emily parodi

Ries, Riley

Kimberly roberts

Dominic romano

Reagan roteff

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