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The Glovely collection represents the function and beauty behind hands. Hands have the ability to perform and tell a story through their actions, movements, and positioning. A glove can elevate these movements and create a distinctive character for the hands to embody. The ability to connect with an audience and create a story is the best portrayal of performance. 

dominic romano

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White Lace 1.png
White Lace updated.png

this design was inspired by the classic glove style present in the 1980 new romantic era. they represent a dramatized romance.

these gloves aren't

complete without an 



oven mitt

White Lace 3.png
Nude Gloves 2.png
Nude Gloves 3.png

inspired by jackie o, this set of gloves brought forth the aesthetic of the late fashion icon. the gloves are also a representation of bridal fashion and the sweet, naive nature of some bridal looks.

Nude Gloves.png

vinyl dream

White Glove.png

The white broken heart gloves are a true representation of how the designer sees longing and sadness. Inspired by the reach for something that is not there and holding onto things that do not make you happy.

White Gloves 1.png


White Glove 3.png
Vintage Frankoma C13 Flame orange 70's m
Blue 1.png
Orange Dried Roses flower,Dried flower b

this mismatch set of gloves is inspired by the art deco era, focusing on more structure and elegance.

Orange Dried Roses flower,Dried flower b
Blue and Brown 2.png
Blue and Brown 1.png


not everything has to 

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Red Gloves 1.png

the red gloves to the right are inspired by the 'skeleton dress' created by famous designers, elsa schiaparelli and salvador dali. these designers were celebrated because of the surrealism that they brought to their designs. the designer of glovely wanted to share the same love for the creative potential of the unconscious mind.

Brown Gloves.png
Orange Dried Roses flower,Dried flower b
Orange Dried Roses flower,Dried flower b

the fabric used to make the brown gloves was found by the designer at a thrift store. The fabric was originally curtains that brought inspiration to the designer. They portray movement and a mysterious feeling.

Black Gloves 1.png

This intriguing black lace fabric was previously a scarf that the designer discovered at a yard sale. 

Lavender, Purple, Fresh PNG and Vector w
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Lavender, Purple, Fresh PNG and Vector w
Orange Dried Roses flower,Dried flower b
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glovely designer


dominic romano

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