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el·e·men·tal | \ˌeləˈmen(t)l/

a: primary or basic.
B: related to or embodying the powers of nature.


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enjoy, friends

FPA Periodic Table of the Elements














the following garments are fpa designers' original creations. the videos were produced and directed by videogrAPHER Jordan Penrose [IG @Jordan_penrose] the photos were shot by Colton Brown [IG @Browncoleton] and visual co-director shaun barket [IG @BARKET1221] 
co-director of visuals Tyra fisher [IG @tyra_fisher] was the lookbook graphic designer with the help of Co-director of Design Spencer Wainfor and President Anna Johnson

Thank You!

A Note From Our Advisors

We are so proud of you and so indebted to you, the students in the Fashion Production Association at The Ohio State University, for your creativity, determination, and countless hours of work put forth in bringing this year’s show together. The Fashion Production Association is a student organization that works together with a practicum course to produce an annual show that highlights original student fashion designs, usually on a runway but this year in a “Look Book” online format due to the Covid pandemic. In this 30th year of our show, we are so grateful to the student designers who imagined, sketched, and created their original fashion designs and planned exciting ways to feature them on models. We are also grateful to all of the production team members who planned and carried out all of the other aspects of production including planning the lookbook, fundraising, marketing, service learning for our charity, music, video filming and still photography.


The leadership team of our president, Anna Johnson, and all of the members of our executive team provided us with strong guidance and support to get the production completed within all the university restrictions and issues living with the pandemic. Words cannot express how diligently and creatively they fulfilled their responsibilities. We, your advisors, are truly amazed and overwhelmed to witness your dedication and leadership. It was a true honor to work with you this year and to celebrate your achievements. We are so proud of you all!


fpa advisors

Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 7.55.45 PM.png

Alex suer

senior lecturer


Screen Shot 2024-01-08 at 7.56.34 PM.png

Nancy Ann Rudd

professor emeritus


Screen Shot 2024-02-01 at 5.55.33 PM.png

Wendy Goldstein

senior lecturer


& a big Thank you to our wonderful  videographer,

Jordan Penrose

Jordan is a graduate of ohio State university. We thank you, Jordan, for making our digital look book come to life! without you, this year's show experience would not have been the same.

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animation club


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Kristen Orton

Anna Johnson 

Shreya Mishra

Abbey Cullen

Adiana Leidich

Ajah Rowell

Alex Hytree

Alexa Hunn

Allysse Biddle

Angela Valentino

Anna Slattery

Aubrey Thobe

Bergen Eppers 

Brock Rankine

Brooke Williams

Cali Leonhardt

Cassie Dulay

Catherine Moore

Danielle Dirkman

Elizabeth Austing 

Elizabeth Slywka 

Ella Kalis

Gabby Sysol

Grace Buckley

Heather Parker 

Isabel Chiques

Isabel Sweet

Noah Jagielski

Noor Abukaram

Nyah Conway 

Paige Thobe

Payton Baxter 

Prateeksha Prabhakar

Rachel Zucker

Rhiannon Alexia

Riley Ries

Riley Sandlin

Samantha Acevedi

Samatha Fernandez

Sarah Boice

Sarah Marston

Shaun Barket 

Shay Alharthy

Sneh Rai

Sophie Bush

Spencer Shroge 

Spencer Wainfor

Thaliyah Cools

Travis Chen

Tyra Fisher

Valerie Baker

Via Baker

Yihan Zhang

Yishu Wang

Jordan Neifert

Josh Renner 

Julia Bradley 

Kate Schluz 

Kathy Cai 

Katie Hussing

Kay Kuhon 

Kayla Bush

Keona Shibata Hibbard

Kya Kopans

Kym Ismaila

Levi Gaidos

Lexi Mickens 

Liz Tranter

Maddi Borne

Madison Knight

Marquis Tatum

Mia Duke

Micaiah Blackford

Michelle Kerr

Morgan Raines

Natalie Millgian

Natalie Oien 

Nicole Brom

Nicole Tranca

Nicoleta Durlesteanu

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