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Designer: Michelle Kerr

Behind the Design: my collection is inspired by Radium. This collection represents my own development as a designer; by making this a street style collection, I challenged myself with new techniques and silhouettes. From skirts and shorts to blazers and wide-leg pants, this collection was meant to be edgy, powerful, and runway-ready, but also ready to walk down the streets of any city. On the most basic level, my collection is tied together by the black, white, and green color scheme. The black and white are a classic combination with the addition of green as the color associated with glowing radium.

this collection is really all about the details. The green fabric is all hand-dyed. The clock pattern printed on both black and white fabrics was drawn out by hand in reference to the story of the Radium Girls who painted watch dials with radium paint to give them the glow in the dark effect. At the time, they were unaware of the toxic nature of this paint and their work. The clock pattern carries through with the minimalist clock also printed on the t-shirt. I hope you enjoy all the details and story behind my collection. Thank you!

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