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Designers: Marquis Tatum and Ajah Rowell

Behind the Design:
Neon is an element that is one of the rarest naturally occurring gases fou
nd on Earth. When mixed with the correct elements, the compound can become a bright, fluorescent light of many different shapes and colors. Inspired by the idea of the brilliance of neon lights coupled with the concepts of life and death, with custom-made and applied graphics along with hand-sewn additions, the garments are made to represent the feeling of Intensity and Clarity.
From making short films with friends to full-on outfits for myself and others, a passion for creating found its way into my life through any means possible.

-Marquis Tatum-


Behind the Design:
My name is Ajah Rowell and my collection is an urban abstract base mixed with realism. I wanted to use the neon to create a breath of life while giving an illustration that has a dark meaning. Butterflies and lilies represent life and death. My favorite however is my “I’m fine” hoodie that illustrates how many people say that they are fine but are dealing with depression which I have dealt with and demonstrate sometimes that depression can lead to suicide if not treated or help with. I want other people to see my design and to inform people just because someone is smiling or says that they are fine, maybe they are not. 


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